Published online: Jul 01, 2010
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The Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of USDA confirms Vietnam has agreed to the import of US fresh potatoes. In February 2009, the National Potato Council (NPC), with the support of the United States Potato Board (USPB), requested APHIS seek access for U.S. fresh to Vietnam.
U.S. industry members met with Vietnamese and USDA officials in Hanoi in April 2009 to further discuss the request. The USPB International Marketing staff helped host Vietnamese officials when they travelled to California in June 2009 and arranged for a visit to potato-growing operations in Bakersfield. Since that time, additional information on U.S. potato pests and mitigation efforts have been provided to Vietnam as requested.

The International Marketing committee will be initiating a marketing program for U.S. chip-stock potatoes in FY11, starting July 2010. Based on market research conducted by the Committee, there is very strong demand for chipping potatoes and growing demand for fresh table-stock potatoes.
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