Published online: May 20, 2010
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YUMA, Az.-Gowan Company, LLC has announced the federal section 3 registration of Scorpion 35SL insecticide for broad-spectrum insect control in cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, brassicas, potatoes, grapes and leafy vegetables.

Scorpion is powered by the third-generation neonictiniod dinotefuran. This advanced active ingredient provides excellent activity against whiteflies, mealybugs, cucumber beetles,
Colorado potato beetles, thrips, leafhoppers, plant bugs, stink bugs, leafminers and other damaging species. In addition, Scorpion is classified as a reduced risk pesticide by the US Environmental Protection Agency and has low impact on beneficial insects and predators.

Scorpion also features high water solubility, allowing for rapid uptake and fast systemic movement throughout the plant. When applied as a soil, drench or drip application, Scorpion is rapidly absorbed by the roots and transported throughout the entire plant to halt insect feeding quickly and completely. As a foliar spray, it exhibits excellent translaminar movement within the leaf to protect all leaf surfaces, including the underside of leaves.

"Scorpion is very unique in relation to speed-of-uptake." Noted Eric McEwen, Brand Manager for Gowan Company.
"With its rapid plant uptake and translaminar movement, Scorpion stops insect feeding almost immediately. In doing so, it reduces the risk of insects vectoring plant diseases such as bacterial wilt, leaf curl virus and leafroll disease."

In addition, laboratory studies indicate that the affinity of dinotefuran against the binding site of other neonicotinoids is very low, suggesting that the compound acts against a different site than other neonicotinoids (J.Pestic. Sci, 30(2)122-123(2005)).
"This might explain why Scorpion is effective against resistant Q-Biotype whiteflies." McEwen added.

Another unique feature of Scorpion can be found in its innovative 35SL formulation. "As a soluble liquid formulation, Scorpion dissolves into a true solution that requires no agitation after mixing," explained Brian Deeter, Field Development Representative for Gowan.
"In addition to offering easy measuring and mixing, the SL formulation eliminates clogged strainers and screens or compatibility issues with liquid fertilizers. Plus, Scorpion is the ideal insecticide for drip applications, since it won't plug emitters like some products."

According to McEwen, Scorpion offers a new Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tool for growers, consultants and retailers to use when planning a comprehensive pest control strategy.
"With its rapid plant uptake, translaminar movement, broad-spectrum activity, vector suppression, user-friendly formulation and favorable toxicological profile, Scorpion provides everything a grower would want in a foundation insect control product," he said. "Needless to say, everyone at Gowan is very excited about the future of this state-of-the-art product."