Published online: Mar 18, 2010
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The USPB recently conducted an educational seminar, promoting the benefits of dehydrated potatoes in bakery applications in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is one of China's Special Economic Zones, which has developed into a population of 14 million during the past 30 years. Its 2009 GDP reached $114. 3 billion and with its close proximity to Hong Kong, the companies in Shenzhen are also open to new technologies and new applications, including those for the bakery sector.

Sixty-two people from 34 companies attended the seminar where they learned about the various dehydrated potato products, as well as the benefits and applications related to baking. A live demonstration by Chef Alan Zou was given, highlighting six recipes utilizing US dehydrated potato flakes: Multi-layer steamed bread with mashed potato, potato pizza, Baguette with potato, star-shaped cake with potato, pudding and smoothie with potato and custard tart.

Chef Chou concluded U.S. dehy was a good bakery ingredient with big-market potential. He summarized with the following points:

-The recommended ratio of U.S dehy was 6 to 8 percent in dough and 50 percent for bread filling.

-Dehy improves the quality and appearance of bakery products
-Dehy brings added value and provides good potato flavor to bakery products

-Dehy improves the softness and moisture of bakery products, especially for toast

-Dehy is good for mixing with various fillings and extends other ingredients

-Dehy provides additional yield per recipe, thus increasing profitability

-Dehy helps to differentiate bakeries in comparison to other competitors not utilizing it