Published online: Dec 08, 2009
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Web Exclusive

In May 2009, "Potatoes.Goodness Unearthed" became a registered trademark for the USPB on behalf of the U.S. industry.
Many grower/shippers and packaging companies have already requested and received the updated, registered trademark version of the art files. However, it seems many entities are having a difficult time transitioning from the old TM (unregistered trademark) to the new circle (R) (registered trademark) version.
Depleting existing stocks of marketing and packaging materials with the old TM version is definitely permissible. However, going forward, if you have a new bag, box, bin or any other packaging need incorporating "Potatoes.Goodness Unearthed" please make sure the correct, registered trademark version is being used.
In the grand scheme of things, this is but a small matter compared to the fact so many growers and shippers have picked up on this industry wide campaign signature, and now feature it on their boxes, bags and POS materials. However, the USPB has invested the cost necessary on behalf of the industry to ensure this campaign signature has the top level of intellectual property protection. It is important all future industry usages of "Potatoes.Goodness Unearthed" reflect this.
If you have any questions or concerns about using "Potatoes.Goodness Unearthed" please contact USPB Industry Communications & Policy Manager David Fairbourn by e-mail at david.fairbourn@uspotatoes.comor by phone at (303) 369-7783.