All About the Potato

Feast or Famine program spotlights the potato

Published in the November 2009 Issue Published online: Nov 06, 2009
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MANY GROWERS TODAY BELIEVE there's a big disconnect when it comes to the rising generation and farming. Most kids don't know where food comes from beyond the grocery store.

That's why LeRoy Salazar, a grower in the San Luis Valley in Colorado, is grateful he was given a chance to be a part of an upcoming half-hour education program called "All About the Potato," part of a larger series called Feast Or Famine.

Feast Or Famine is an Institute for 21st Century Agriculture non-profit initiative developed in collaboration with Capital Media Group Inc. This national/international programming series addresses the challenge of feeding the planet's growing population by featuring the world's most promising case studies, university research and scientific findings.

On this particular episode of Feast or Famine, "All About the Potato" looks into the potato's importance to consumers' overall health and nutrition. Viewers learn how potatoes are grown, packaged and delivered to their plates. The goal of the program is for viewers to walk away with an appreciation for the potato after learning the effort growers put into delivering this wholesome, safe and delicious crop. The program reminds viewers that potatoes are very nutritious and an important part of their vitamin and mineral intake.

Salazar was first approached by Jim Ehrlich, executive director of the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, who informed him that producers from Capital Media were in town to promote the potato with the TV show.

The first segment of "All About the Potato" includes interviews with a handful of people, including Salazar and his brother, John, who owned and managed the potato operation until he was elected to the U.S. Congress in 2004.

As is evidenced by the video, LeRoy believes the interview went well. He admits that because growing potatoes is such a complicated process, there was much producers had to edit out due to time constraints, but LeRoy isn't complaining.

"I think they did a very professional job," he says.

Potatoes have been just one of many subjects Feast or Famine has tackled. Feast Or Famine highlights the best practices of the food and agricultural industry, and their producers look for stories that demonstrate a positive impact on the food supply chain, showcasing how the world's food supply is protected and suggests improvements and solutions moving forward. Just recently they've tackled staples ranging from honey to pistachios.

Feast Or Famine is a 501C3 non-profit television series developed, co-produced and approved by a board of advisors which includes government agencies, University researchers and professors, thought leaders, leading industry experts and award winning scientists.

You can watch this story by logging onto the Potato Grower website and clicking on "Video," or by visiting, searching for "All About Potatoes" and clicking on the "Feast or Famine" video.

LeRoy believes the program will benefit the industry because it will help eliminate the bad rap about the nutritional qualities of potatoes that has surrounded the potato industry since the Atkins diet fad a few years ago.

"I also believe that nowadays, most kids are so far removed from the farm that anything you can do to give them a better knowledge about agriculture, good nutrition, and the production cycle-from planting through harvest to grocery store-is good for them and the industry."

"Nowadays, I think so many kids are so far removed from the farm that anything you can do to take them [through] the production cycle-from planting through harvest and to grocery store-is important for them to know."

He adds, "I'm glad something like this was done," LeRoy says. 

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