T7000 Power and Efficiency

Five New Holland Models put convenience at your fingertips

Published in the May 2009 Issue Published online: May 03, 2009 New Products, Potato Equipment
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The five models in New Holland's 135- to 195-PTO horsepower T7000 Series tractors with the AutoCommand Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) combine driver-focused, high-performance features with power and productivity. The operator can settle into the high-comfort seat and adjust all the major controls exactly as they like because every function is designed for optimal efficiency and control.


New Holland introduced the industry's first electronically adjustable control center, the SideWinder, on the revolutionary Genesis 70 Series tractors. Now, a new generation of this feature on the T7000 Series offers more advanced convenience and control. The SideWinder II armrest, mounted to the T7000's deluxe air-ride seat, not only accommodates the most frequently used tractor controls, it's electronically adjustable front and back on an inclined plane so that any size operator can move it into the position that's most comfortable and efficient.

The SideWinder II armrest houses New Holland's CommandGrip multi-function controller, engine throttle, electro-hydraulic joystick, electronic draft control, PTO engagement and electro-hydraulic rear remotes. Less frequently used tractor functions are logically grouped on to the side of the SideWinder II on the Intuitive Command Console.


The ergonomically designed and placed CommandGrip multi-function controller is at the heart of the tractor controls. In addition to housing eight of the most frequently used operational controls, it also controls tractor movement. The operator can simply push it forward or pull it back to change speed or direction. The further the controller is moved away from the rest position, the higher the tractor speed. When the desired speed is reached, the controller returns to the rest position and the speed is maintained. The CommandGrip controller always returns to its center position so it's in the perfect place for easy fingertip access to key operating functions.


The AutoCommand CVT is one of the most fuel-efficient transmissions available. It combines features of a hydraulic drive system and a mechanical drive system to provide superior fuel economy by enabling the engine to run at its most efficient RPM for a range of speeds. For operator convenience and efficiency, the AutoCommand CVT offers a choice of Automatic, Cruise and Manual modes.

Standard T7000 features enhance performance. Standard engine power management means every T7000 tractor provides the benefits of constant RPM speed management and a power boost of up to 35 hp. From the quiet comfort of the Horizon cab with standard ComfortRide cab suspension, operators have clear sight lines in every direction, including a view to a raised loader bucker through the exclusive high-visibility roof panel.

The standard TerraLock traction system ensures maximum power to the ground by automatically engaging and disengaging FWD and four-wheel differential lock depending on steering angle, forward speed and hitches and brake application. In addition to the standard FWD axle with Terralock, other heavy-duty axle options include the exclusive, tight-turning SuperSteer axle with TerraLock and the self-leveling TerraGlide suspended axle with TerraLock.