Disease One-Two Punch

A multi-action tool for multiple problems

Published in the March 2009 Issue Published online: Mar 30, 2009 Fungicide, New Products
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Sometimes a good Swiss Army knife is all you need to complete a task-several tools rolled up into one. Multiple disease problems call for a multi-action tool also, a Swiss Army knife known as Gavel 75 DF.

Gavel's highly effective active ingredients-zoxamide and mancozeb-each have different modes of action to provide the most protection for your potato crop, with less worry about resistance issues.

"Gavel is a highly efficacious late blight fungicide that also provides good control of late blight tuber rot if used properly at the end of the season," said Neil C. Gudmestad, professor of plant pathology at North Dakota State University.

Zoxamide and mancozeb work synergistically to arrest the development of highly mobile late blight zoospores that spread the infection throughout the field as they move from the crop canopy, down through the soil to the tubers. For growers, this means less tuber rot in storage and a greater percentage of quality potatoes coming out of storage.

"I think it is the most cost-effective late blight material available. It is highly effective in controlling foliar and tuber late blight," said Dr. Jeff Miller from Miller Research in Rupert, Idaho.

One key advantage of Gavel is that it is quickly absorbed into the leaf cuticle, making it resistant to wash-off, even from heavy rain or irrigation. Although Gavel is not systemic, it does re-distribute across and within the leaf. This means longer lasting foliar protection. Gavel's activity is further enhanced by fuming action, which can improve blight control within the canopy.

Gavel is most effective when used in a preventative program, applied when weather and disease conditions favor blight development.

Gavel is registered in all states except California.

For more information, visit www.gavelpotatogrower.com or call 800-833-1844 and ask for your local Gowan Company sales representative.