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Published in the February 2009 Issue Published online: Feb 28, 2009 New Products, Potato Equipment
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HAMILTON, Ind.-Farm Works Software has introduced Pro, a new product for growers, co-ops, agronomy dealers and custom applicators. Pro is used to provide critical analysis tools for multi-year yield averaging (also known as normalizing), profit/loss mapping and entering formulas when creating prescription maps for variable rate application.

With normalizing yield data, multiple years can be averaged to discover consistently high-and low-yielding areas. Users can select any combination of crop and/or year for the normalizing, excluding abnormal years, in order to visualize history zones in each field. The profit/loss mapping in Pro creates a layer for each crop enterprise year and integrates financial information with precision maps.

For example, a user can view a profit map based on seed variety and variable-rate application maps, along with yield. Costs can be manually entered for each input with the Trac and Site office software (programs that offer field records and mapping/GIS).

When the Funds module (an integrated grower-level accounting program) is used with Pro, "true" input costs from the checkbook will flow into the profit/loss map.

The Farm Works Trac and Site office software are required modules of Pro.