Syngenta Offers Growers Farm Management System

AgriEdge program aids in record keeping

Published in the January 2009 Issue Published online: Jan 27, 2009
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The AgriEdge program is a Farm Management System offered by Syngenta.

Syngenta sales representative Allan Landon calls it "a great tool for growers to use" and "a system that can map the farm and keep track of all the inputs, input their products and keeps track of everything on their whole farm . all crops and all products."

One of the biggest pluses in the program is the reports that can be printed. It provides flexibility for growers and is to help them be better managers.

Landon has 40 growers in the region who use it and they have had great results, learning to save money and time. Once a grower gets the hang of keeping good and accurate records, there are a lot less unidentified expenses.

But keeping track of expenses is just a portion of the program. Recording each growing season in terms of the weather, equipment maintenance, employee records, field rotations and soil tests are examples of what may lead to better farm management.

The farm management software utilized is Land.db from Ag Connections, Inc.

It is "designed to model a grower's entire operation, track all production inputs and report the information with just a few simple mouse clicks," according to program material.

"Land.db users are able to create wok orders and budgets, record invoices, track inputs and generate reports that make practical use of their data. Also, growers can capture yield and quality data to determine the relative profitability of a specific field, crop variety or production practice."

"AgriEdge Programs offer growers choice, flexibility and innovation and support from over 250 sales representatives as well as our AgriEdge specialists," according to a letter concerning the program from Josh Bohannan, AgriEdge specialist.

"AgriEdge Programs help growers become more efficient and enable them to make faster and more informed decisions about their farming operation. Through AgriEdge Programs, Syngenta can help to share risk with growers with value-added solutions and tools that can make you more profitable and sustainable in the long term."

For information on AgriEdge, call 866-796-4386.