Published online: Sep 11, 2007 Alan Harman
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Coming soon to a market near you - potato crisps coated with caffeine.

Golden Flake Snack Foods Inc.'s NRG Phoenix Fury Potato Chips taste like spicy barbecue chips but they come with a caution label - "Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, young children or anyone who is sensitive to caffeine."

Golden Flake is a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Enterprises Inc., whose shares are controlled mostly by employees, retirees and Birmingham's Bashinsky family, long-time owners of the chip company.

The Alabama-based company says eating a 3.5 oz bag is the caffeine equivalent of drinking three-and-a-half cups of brewed coffee.

The NRG Phoenix Fury Potato Chips are described by the company as "hot," and are made with caffeine and B-vitamins familiar to drinkers of energy and sports-related beverages. They also include taurine, a compound touted as an antidote to muscle fatigue.

The new chips are on the market after 18 months of development and the company is reported planning to introduce another NRG Phoenix Fury flavor in the fall.