Published online: Jan 11, 2007
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NPC Executive Director John Keeling told industry leaders and growers the potato industry has an extraordinarily strong position in development of the 2007 Farm Bill. Fellow commodity groups and key legislatures are considering what the new farm bill will provide to fruit and vegetables, no longer whether or not this ag segment will even have a place at the table.

"There are tremendous opportunities in trade," Keeling said. "The NPC continues to work closely with the USPB to open key foreign markets." The potato industry focuses on farm bill support that focuses on developing trade with other countries.

With the new congress, immigration reform is also a bright spot for the 2007 agenda. The democratic controlled congress has a real opportunity to reach an agreement with the president. The consensus is that ultimately the president and congress will have few differences in crafting a comprehensive reform package.

Keeling also addressed the need for the industry to develop a way to control invasive species.