WSPC To Hold Long-Range Planning Meeting

Published online: Dec 06, 2006
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As part of its 50th anniversary activities, the Washington State Potato Commission is inviting members of the Washington potato industry and interested parties to attend a long range planning meeting for the Washington potato industry. The meeting will be held December 12-13 at the Pasco Red Lion Hotel. The meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, December 12.

"This is an opportunity to examine the current trends in the industry and what their future impact may be," says WSPC Executive Director Chris Voigt.

The first day will be devoted to a report on the recent industry survey conducted by the WSPC, presented by Facilitator Tricia Lubach. Additionally, panels of experts will address challenges facing the potato industry including:

China, Continued Opportunity or Competition? -- China is already the largest potato producer in the world. We will discuss their potential to compete with us in the world market.

Corporate Citizenship and its Effect on the Potato Industry -- Some of the largest potato customers are requiring that suppliers meet certain criteria regarding food safety, environmental protection and social issues. We need to determine how this will affect our industry and what the WSPC can do to assist.

Changing Consumer Demographics -- Life is not slowing down and some of our best customers are transistioning to become our worst customers. How should the industry react and what are the opportunities?

Finding Balance in Natural Resource Management -- Water and other natural resource issues are critical to the health of our industry. We will examine the current situation and opportunities to solving these critical issues.

"The WSPC long range planning meeting is an opportunity for the entire industry to come together to address and prioritize issues that can deliver the best return on investment," says Voigt. "This meeting is a chance to discover what is happening on a number of fronts and to provide input on how the Commission might better serve the industry in the coming years."

Tricia Lubach will lead a wrap-up session in the afternoon on the Commission's mission and strategic objectives.

On day two, Commissions will begin a public meeting at 8:00 a.m. and address the identified challenges and strategies. They will discuss Commission activities and how the current structure and programs are meeting current needs, possible modification, board review and goal setting. The second day is expected to last till 5:00 p.m.

Those interested in attending are requested to RSVP the WSPC office at (509) 765-8845 or e-mail so that adequate meeting materials are provided.

Washington State Potato Commission

Long-Range Planning Meeting

Pasco Red Lion

December 12-13, 2006



Tuesday, December 12, 2006


8:30 a.m.           Introduction, review of schedule and goals for process


9 a.m.               Industry Survey Results


10 a.m. Corporate Citizenship and its Effect on the Potato Industry

                        Overview, Chris Voigt

                        Healthy Grown Program, Mike Carter


11 a.m. China-Continued Opportunity or Future Competition

                        Overview, Matt Harris

Economic Overview, Joe Borich

                        Apple Industry Case Study, Dave Carlson

                        Gregg Halvorson, Black Gold Farms


12 p.m. Lunch


1 p.m.               Consumer Trends and Marketing Responses

                        Overview, Karen Bonaudi

                        Dee Munson, The Food Professionals, Seattle

                        Skip Johnson, Get Fit Foods, Wenatchee


2 p.m.               Finding Balance in Natural Resource Management

                        Overview, Chris Voigt

                        Wade Troutman, The Nature Conservancy

                        Darryll Olsen, Columbia Snake River Irrigators


3 p.m.               Break


3:15 p.m.           Development of Mission Statement


4:30 p.m.           Discuss and Identify Strategic Objectives


5:30 p.m.           Session Ends



Washington State Potato Commission

Long-Range Planning Meeting

Pasco Red Lion



Wednesday, December 13, 2006


8 a.m.               Introduction, review of schedule and goals for day


8:30 a.m.          Review of Mission Statement from Tuesday


9:15 a.m.          Review & Prioritize Strategic Objectives from Tuesday


11 a.m.            Break


11:15 a.m.        Allowable Commission Activities & Constraints


12 noon           Lunch


1 p.m.              Development of Strategies and Supporting Programs


3 p.m.              Break


3:15 p.m.          Board of Commissioners Review

                        --Self-Assessment and Goal Setting

                        --Meeting Conclusion & Desired Program or Process Changes


4:45 p.m.          Wrap Up