Common Scab Conference To Be Held

Published online: Dec 29, 2006
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An International Potato Common Scab Conference, described as a first of its kind will be held in Canada in March. The Ontario Potato Board is organizing the event to be held in Guelph, Ontario from March 5th and 6th.

Common scab, caused by the bacterium Streptomyces scabies, is one of the most important production problems of potatoes worldwide. The conference brings together expertise from around the world to discuss current and potential management practices to reduce the incidence of this disease.

Information will benefit growers, researchers, crop consultants and extension personnel. Among the speakers will be Dr. Gary Secor, professor of plant pathology at North Dakota State University who will discuss the common scab problem in North America; Dr. Linda Kinkel, professor of plant pathology at the University of Minnesota, on the common scab pathogen and the role of antagonistic organisms in reducing scab incidence; and Dr. Calum Wilson, associate professor in plant pathology at the University of Tasmania, Australia on the selection of clones of commercial potato cultivars with enhanced common scab disease resistance.

Other speakers will include Dr. Reinette Gouws, plant pathologist at the Agricultural Research Council-Roodeplat in Pretoria, South Africa on alternative control of common scab on seed potatoes; Dr. Doug Rose, professor of plant pathology at the University of Wisconsin on fumigation with chloropicrin to control common scab; Dr. Alex Hilton of the Scottish Agricultural College in Aberdeen, Scotland, on reducing common scab incidence with rapeseed meal; Dr. Robert Larkin, research plant pathologist at the U.S. Agricultural Research Service's New England Plant, Soil, and Water Laboratory on biological and cultural approaches for management of common scab.