Jim Wysocki Chosen To Lead National Potato Council

Published online: Jan 26, 2006
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Jim Wysocki, a grower/packer from Bancroft, WI, was chosen to lead the National Potato Council for the next year, taking the reins from outgoing president Dan Moss of Declo, ID.

At the annual convention held in Las Vegas, NV, NIck Somers, grower from Stevens Point, WI, was given the Gold Potato Award by The Grower and The Packer vegetable publications out of Kansas City.

Albert Wada, Pingree, ID, grower/packer was presented the Potato Man of the Year award for his selfless work in leading the organizational effort for the UNITED Potato Growers of Idaho and UNITED Potato Growers of America.

Many issues were brought up and had action taken before the full body of growers and industry members from across the United States. One of these is an effort to monitor the use of chemicals in potato production across the nation.

Another was an effort to spell out the exact mission of UNITED Potato Growers of America in relation to all growing regions and all segments of potatoes. Jerry Wright, CEO, was given a chance to explain the mission of the organization and how it can work with the Potato Marketing Association of North America in keeping supply in line with demand so all growers can remain in business with prices that will pay expenses and give them a profit for their work in producing the crop.