Wootans Still Serious But Making Progress

Published online: Nov 23, 2005 IPC
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Wes and Christine Wootan, injured in a vehicle rollover accident near Ely, NV, last October 20, are slowly recovering from their injuries.

President and CEO Frank Muir of the Idaho Potato Commission, on which Wootan serves, says he and two staff members visited with the couple in their hospital room in Salt Lake City, UT, last week.

Both suffered multiple fractures in the accident that killed his father, Marvin, who was driving the four-door pickup in heavy fog at the time of the 4:30 a.m.accident..

Muir said both are able to move around in wheelchairs, Christine in a mechanical one she controls with her right hand. Muir said Christine was found to have a broken left arm. She reports some feeling in her legs. Both suffered fractures in their necks.

Muir says both have long recoveries ahead of them. Wes has been moved to the South Davis Hopsital in Bountiful, UT, but can still take calls. His cell number is (208) 599-2456. He likes to visit but Muir encouraged callers to keep them short.

Their entire family planned on being with their parents on Thanksgiving.