Serenade MAX Introduced For Silver Scurf

Published online: Jan 13, 2005
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AgraQuest Inc., of Davis, CA, announced today it has EPA approval for the introduction of Serenade MAX, an improved, wettable powder formulation of its award-winning biofungicide, Serenade. It will be available to control silver scurf on potatoes.

The new MAX product incorporates improvements and expanded opportunities to both growers and distributors, while providing equally effective, broad-spectrum control of important fungal and bacterial diseases.

The company's chemists have reduced the amount of inert material in the formula, resulting in higher biomass and more antifungal compounds in the product.

Now growers can get all the activity of the old formulation while using only half its application rate, explained Denise Manker, vice president of research and development.

Its concentrated, wettable-powder formula makes MAX easeir to handle. It is easier to mix and store and leaves fewer deposits. Plus, the new label includes approval on many additional crops, and offers the advantages of chemigation and aerial application methods.

The product includes several new crop groups on the label as well as recommendations for post-harvest disease protection from silver scurf on potatoes.

Serenade MAX is derived from AgraQuest's patented strain of Bacillus subtilis, a naturally occurring microbe with disease-fighting biochemistry.