Syngenta's Cruiser Gets Go-ahead

Published online: Dec 28, 2004
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Syngenta Crop Protection's new Cruiser liquid seed-treatment insecticide for potatoes, got the go-ahead approval it needed this week.

It will offer growers new long-lasting, broad-spectrum protection for potato pests, including Colorado potato beetle, leafhopper, psyllid, aphid and wireworm.

Teamed as a seed-treatment product with Syngenta's companion fungicide Maxim 4FS, the two products will also provide disease protection from most of the damaging potato pathogens including dry rot, stem canker, and black and silver scurf. This will give better emergence, even crop growth and stand and help produce quality yields.

The introduction of Cruiser offers growers a convenient and effective way to apply both seed-treatment insecticide and fungicides in one easy application, said Steve Russell, crop manager for Syngenta Seed Treatment.

"First we introduced Maxim 4FS, and now we're bringing in Cruiser to help growers efficiently protect their crops from yield-robbing insects and diseases, ultimately helping increase stand, vigor and marketable yield," Russell stated.

In addition, Syngenta has teamed with Milestone, a potato equipment company in Blackfoot, ID, for a new liquid-treating unit that is portable and utilizes an atomizing head and rotating drum. This will provide thorough coverage to the entire seed piece. This will result in better distribution of the active ingredient for consistent uptake and effective control of pests.

Cruiser is a concentrated liquid formulation applied at a low-use rate of 0.125 lb. ai/acre allowing growers to use a seed treatment with a minimal amount of water for dilution. For seed-borne late blight control, growers should apply mancozeb dust at a labeled rate after application of Cruiser and Maxim 4FS seed treatments.