Idaho Seed Sales Off For Year

Published online: Jun 10, 2004
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Seed potato sales in Idaho are off for the 2004 crop, according to a report from the Idaho and Eastern Oregon Potato Committee.

Sales in Idaho have fallen from 5,268,100 cwt delivered last year to this year's total to June 4 of 4,830,900. That is a difference of 437,200 cwt.

Out-of-state sales have fallen from 2,015,600 last year to this year's total of 1,694,000, or a difference of 321,600 cwt.

The total of 7,283,700 sold last year to this year's total of 6,524,900 is off a total of 758,800 cwt.

While the total is off by a substantial amount, fewer sales usually mean the commercial crop in Idaho, Oregon and Washington will also be off. Seed sales from other seed-growing areas have not been factored into the equation. 

Idaho is the leading seed-potato growing state, certifying over 40,000 acres each year. Washington certifies about 2,400 acres and Oregon about 2,300.

The Canadian province of Prince Edward Island annually certifies roughly 25,000 acres followed by New Brunswick (18,000), Alberta (15,000), and Manitoba (10,000).