Canada Keeps High Anti-dumpting Duty

Published online: Apr 01, 2004
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Canada's Border Services Agency, Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Directorate, is keeping stiff duties on United States potatoes being shipped into Canada.

The March 30 report shows that Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California shippers all face duties in many potato packs, ranging from a high of $5.37 for five-10-lb film bags from Idaho to a low of 70 cents for Idaho's 50-pound sack, 10-ounce minimum. (Dollars used are U.S.)

The Washington/Oregon high duty is $4.89 on 50-pound, 110-count cartons and on Size-A 50-pound cartons or sacks.

California's highest duty is on 5/10-pound film bags at $3.12.