Water-based Vegetable Gum Used

Published online: Nov 10, 2003
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A new technology that uses a natural, water-based vegetable gum to coat peeled potatoes is making headway in Australia.

Green Lands Holdings developed the product. The University of Ballarat gave assistance and a grant of more than A$310,000 from the Australian government's Farm Innovation program.

The purpose-built equipment peels, trims, dips and vacuum-packs the potatoes, which are then refrigerated, ready to use.

The new consumer-ready product has been market-tested. The response has so far been very positive, particularly within the food preparation industry where in-built quality and labor savings are major advantages.

This process avoids chemicals normally used to preserve peeled ready-to-use potato products. It has been described as a breath of fresh air for allergy sufferers. It helps eliminate an odor that can become an allergen for people with respiratory ailments and sensitivities.

With the technology, it will boost the potato industry's ability to compete against pasta, rice and noodles. The process was developed in Ballarat, Victoria. Other vegetables such as pumpkin, sweet potatoes and roast packs have also been tested.