Board Success Starts To Appear

Published online: Nov 05, 2003
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United States Potato Board officials are pleased with the break-through they are making with reverse trade tours to the United States.

After hosting one this year, to seed growing areas, sales were generated as a direct result of the tour.

Leah Cochran, International Marketing Manager of the USBP seed potatoes, says this is more tangible proof that the Board is increasing demand and breaking export barriers.

The reverse trade tour approach is meant to maximize the reach of the educational and practical experience with specially selected potato industry leaders.

The tour started in Washington, DC, with a two-day symposium. It provided fact-to-face, honest exchange of information. Certification officials and growers from six states were on hand to highlight the unique aspects of their growing areas. They discussed climate, varieties, lab-testing facilities, planting and harvesting information.

During the second part of the tour, the visitors were divided, with varieties and logistics for future marketing opportunities considered with matching the visitors.

The Brazilians went to the Red River Valley; the Hondurans to Colorado's San Luis Valley; Panamanians to Oregon; Venezuelans to Maine, and the Dominican Republicans to Idaho.