Production Systems Book Available

Published online: Sep 04, 2003
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A Potato Production Systems book from the University of Idaho Center for Potato Research and Education is now off the presses.

The 425-page, textbook-sized title was written and compiled by Drs. Jeffrey C. Stark and Stephen L. Love. Stark is division chair of Plant Science and professor for Crop Management at the U of I's Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences based in Idaho Falls, ID.

Love is superintendent of the Aberdeen, ID, Research and Extension Center and professor of Plant Science for the Department of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences in Aberdeen, ID.

Every copy of the book includes a bonus CD-ROM with a full copy of the book in PDF format. The electronic version of the book has special search capabilities. There are embedded links in the PDF file that enable quick access to information in the book text.

The CD-ROM also contains PDF copies of several other potato science publications from the University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

A total of 28 other university and ARS scientists and potato specialist educators contributed segments to the book.

Ordering can be done on the web site: Copies of the hardbound edition are $109.95. There is also a softcover/flexbound edition for $89.95. Shipping and handling charges are extra.

The flexbound edition is constructed with a durable-matte laminated cover. It is designed for daily use in the agricultural production environment. The book is generously illustrated with colorful photographs, charts, graphs and drawings. Text is in easy-to-read serif type.

It is probably the most comprehensive, modern-day potato-production handbook available.