Sunny, Dry Weather In Idaho

Published online: Jul 09, 2003
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Idaho's 2003 potato crop is growing rapidly in dry, sunny conditions.

The report from the Idaho Agricultural Statistics Service July 7, showed that irrigation water supplies were 37 percent good to excellent and 63 percent fair to very poor.

Despite the lack of storage water this year, the potato crop is expected to come through unscathed. In fact the IASS report shows that 63 percent of the crop had closed middles on July 7, compared to 36 percent in 2002 and a state average of 32 percent.

Condition of the crop was declared 95 percent good to excellent and 5 percent fair to poor.

Crop progress reports show 66 percent of the barley, 72 percent of the spring wheat, and 98 percent of the winter wheat headed. This will release irrigation water supplies for other crops like potatoes.