Nematode-resistant Tuber Sought

Published online: Feb 05, 2003
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Scientists at the USDA/ARS Research and Extension Center in Prosser, WA, are looking for help to conduct gene mapping, physical cloning and complementation experiments on a wild species-derived resistance factor for Columbia root-knot nematode.

The Center announced it has an opening for a post-doctoral position for the work at the south-central Washington facility.

The project is a component of a NSF-funded Potato Genome project led by Barbara Baker in the Plant Gene Expression Center in Albany, CA.

The project has the goal of elucidating genomic structure of resistance gene families in potato, its wild relatives and the Solanaceae in general.

Part of the project is outreach activity with Native Americans involving establishment of gardens, demonstration field plots of unique potato genotypes, and training of high school students and teachers in genetic analysis.

The work will also involve the fine mapping of gene position using AFLP and transformation of native RCG’s into potato.