APHIS Posts New PCN Eradication Program Report


The PCN Eradication Program is a cooperative effort among PPQ, Idaho State Department of Agriculture and industry stakeholders. The program’s goal is to control PCN spread, and eventually establish Idaho as PCN-free.

Getting to the Root of Food Safety


From sticks and stones to plastic bottles and golf balls, potato producers encounter an ever-increasing spectrum of hazardous foreign material in their fields making effective sorting a critical element of the processing line.

Manitoba Retailers' Lack of Potatoes Described as Anomaly


Grocery stores around the Canadian province of Manitoba haven't had the usual amount of local potatoes this year.

Making History


“I don’t have the longest résumé,” says Kent Taylor, the Idaho Grower Shipper Association's 2019 Russet Aristocrat. “But what I do have is a history.”

Discovery Park of America Announces Exhibit about Ag Innovation


Discovery Park of America will open an exhibit dedicated to telling the story of innovation in agriculture. "AgriCulture: Innovating for Our Survival" will be located in the 8,900-square-foot building that currently houses the museum and heritage park's t

Tong Celebrates One Year in U.S.

New Products, Potato Equipment

International vegetable handling equipment specialist Tong Engineering is celebrating one year of successful business since the opening of its Tong USA spares, service and sales facility in Fremont, Mich.

Soil Pore Structure May be Key to Carbon Storage


Michigan State University researchers recently discovered a new mechanism determining how carbon is stored in soils that could improve the climate resilience of cropping systems and also reduce their carbon footprints.

Cuts Leave Alaska Farmers Reeling


Small scale farmers could be impacted the most by the governor’s recent announcement.

Comparing Soil Health Techniques in Organic Farming


Microbes, insects and small soil critters produce materials that can improve soil structure and water retention. It’s a healthy ecosystem every farmer wants to encourage.

Calculating the Value of Cover Crops


A recent study found the ability to sequester carbon in the soil may have more to do with the presence of a diverse plant population than with aggregation or decomposing residue, suggesting that a multi-species cover crop will do more for building soil he

Bagging & Packaging Buyers’ Guide

Articles, New Products, Potato Equipment

Once those beautiful spuds are grown and harvested, you've got to keep them looking good until you can get them to consumers. These products will help.

New Product: Great Plains Velocity Hybrid Tillage

Articles, New Products, Potato Equipment

The Velocity combines some of the positive aspects of vertical tillage, while maintaining similar features of a conventional disk, resulting in a new classification in the Great Plains product line called hybrid tillage.

BioSafe's PerCarb Now Approved in California

Fungicide, New Products

PerCarb is an EPA-registered, zero-hour REI, broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide designed to treat and control plant pathogens that cause major foliar diseases on field-grown crops, tree crops, vine crops, berries, small fruits, vegetable crops and green

Alliston: A New Canadian Potato Variety

Articles, Seed Potatoes

In mid-July, a new variety of potato named Alliston was officially registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, taking its name from the potato capital of Ontario. The new variety was developed by a potato breeder from Quebec named Andre Gagnon.

Vive Crop Protection Adds to Leadership Team

Articles, Fertilizer

Vive Crop Protection recently welcomed two new additions to its leadership team: Dan Bihlmeyer as vice president of sales and marketing, and Barbara Hopper as chief financial officer and vice president of operations.

Survey Reveals Potato Consumption Habits


A survey commissioned by The Little Potato Co. found that 55 percent of Americans rank potatoes as their favorite comfort food.