PlantResponse, Compo Expert Form Strategic Partnership

Announcing a collaborative partnership between two global innovators

Published online: Jan 31, 2018 Articles
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PlantResponse announced on Monday a global partnership with Compo Expert GmbH. PlantResponse finalized the agreement with Compo Expert to supply additives for Compo Expert’s biostimulants range that assists in stress tolerance.

“We’re proud to announce this positive partnership with an industry leader, Compo Expert,” says Tom Snipes, CEO of PlantResponse. “Compo Expert has a proven and highly effective line of specialty fertilizers, and we look forward to the opportunity to add PlantResponse technology to their products.”

Compo Expert’s broad range of high-quality, innovative specialty fertilizers contributes to the company’s position as a leader in vegetables, fruits, nursery, ornamentals, turf and public green as well as broad-acre agriculture. Compo Expert is an international company with locations in Europe, North and South America, Asia and South Africa.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to cooperate with PlantResponse, a developer of science-based, highly innovative solutions,” says Ingo Müller, chief marketing officer of Compo Expert. “We are confident to offer a new range of highly sophisticated products, completing our existing biostimulant portfolio, helping farmers around the world to manage salinity-affected areas and enabling us to grow our businesses together.”

In addition to producing leading plant technology products and additives, PlantResponse collaborates with researchers and universities to bring highly innovative products to global markets.