PVY Ebook Available

Potato Virus Y: Biodiversity, Pathogenicity, Epidemiology and Management

Published online: Aug 22, 2017 New Products
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This publication, available from Springer in ebook and hardcover formats, is an overview of several decades of research on PVY. It appeals to a broad academic audience (universities, public and privately funded institutions) and the wide agri-biotech industry (growers, agronomists, breeders, policymakers)

The book presents the latest data obtained by collaborating scientists, all regarded as experts on the PVY pathosystem. Experts in the field of virology have gathered to present an exhaustive overview of disease symptoms caused by presented in high-definition color images, providing a reference for the laboratory and field. It presents a road map of future PVY research, integrating current widely used approaches and novel and emerging technologies that will shape the future of epidemiology, pathology and diagnosis research for the disease.

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