New Product: Bosche KSW Starch Scale

Published online: Aug 04, 2017 New Products
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Bosche has developed the KSW starch scale to make it possible to determine potatoes’ starch content quickly and conveniently. This robust scale is suitable for use under demanding conditions such as during harvest. Its semi-automatic mode of operation shortens the starch determination process and also handles the precise calculation of values.

After taring the empty wire basket, any quantity of potatoes (between 9 and 15 pounds) can be placed in the basket and moved down into the water-filled container at the press of a button. The scale calculates the starch content automatically. The calculated values can then be read off a clear display panel. For documentation purposes, these values can also be printed out, complete with the date and time on an optionally available printer.

No time-consuming preparation of samples is necessary, as a variable quantity of potatoes can be used for the measurement process. It is also no longer necessary to consult tables, thereby avoiding possible errors.

The scale consists of a robust base that can be adjusted individually by means of height-adjustable rubber feet. Force is transmitted directly into a high-quality DMS weighing cell. Protected built-in mechanics ensure safe operation when the basket is raised and lowered. A stainless steel bucket and stainless steel basket are supplied. Alternatively, a manually operable variant of the Bosche potato starch scale is also available.

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