Bagging & Packaging Buyers’ Guide

Published online: Jul 31, 2017 Articles, New Products
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This buyers' guide appears in the August 2017 issue of Potato Grower.

After all the work is done out in the fields, the work is still not done. Now you’ve got to get that product out to consumers. In this buyers’ guide, you’ll find all the help you need for doing just that.

Ag-Pak, Inc.

(716) 772-2651

AP7000 Double-Wicketed Bagger

The Ag-Pak AP7000 double-wicketed bagger is fast, reliable and easy to operate and maintain. Designed, engineered and manufactured by Ag-Pak, the AP7000 is backed by dependable Ag-Pak service technicians from coast to coast.

The AP7000 comes with the option of adding an internal, fully integrated Checkweigher system within the bagger itself, allowing for immediate portion weight checks within a small footprint.

The AP7000 runs bags from 2 to 20 pounds standard, with other bag sizes available after bag review. The AP7000’s electrical cabinet is UL-listed. The touchscreen user interface offers integrated parts drawings with expanded views for identifying proper part numbers.


(317) 787-9421

A1-PB Bag-Closing System

American-Newlong’s A1-PB pedestal combined with the DS-9 sewing head is a cost-effective, versatile bag-closing system. Adjustable in height, the system can be used with a wide range of conveyors and can sew any type of bag ranging from paper bags to woven PP/PE to cloth bags. The system is equipped with vector drive technology for easy speed matching to existing conveyors, promoting maximum speed flexibility and facilitating fast start/stop sewing action that reduces material cost. 

The A1-PB bag closing machine is designed to accommodate both plain sew and crepe-tape bound closures. It features a maximum speed of 2,700 rpm and can be converted to a single-thread system.  

Chinook Equipment, Inc.

(800) 219-2245

edp Electro-bagger AB-2110-DF

The new edp Electro-bagger model AB-2110-DF now has the ability to package product in bags as well as in cartons and RPCs. All that is needed is an optional set of carton holders, and operators can select for either bags or cartons with using the touchscreen control panel.

There is no need to move machinery to make changes. Belt speed can also be controlled with the touchscreen, as well as the entire machine’s speed, with no bag photo eye. Adjustments can be made at any time even if the machine is in operation. 

Now included as standard equipment for this model is push-button control of bag clamps for ease of use. The latest design also features a larger in-feed area from the belts to the bag holder to allow for larger produce. 

Dutch Valley Partners

(815) 937-8812

Allround Vegetable Processing Lines

Allround Vegetable Processing offers a variety of processing solutions for potatoes. From single machines to fully integrated lines, Allround offers custom solutions for grading and washing. Allround’s turnkey-designed systems and machines include washers and polishers, roller and shake graders, and bagging and conveyor systems.

Allround’s integrated processing lines are designed to process different types of products on a single line, with output capacities ranging from one to 30 tons per hour. 

Allround also offers solutions for a variety of other vegetables, including carrots, onions, cabbage and more. Contact Dutch Valley Partners for purchasing information on Allround vegetable processing lines and machines. 


Jantz Canada

(905) 643-7777

Heavy-Duty Bin Tipper

Working with Grimmway farms in California, Jantz Canada has developed the industry’s benchmark in bin-tipping technology. Jantz’s bin tipper is electrically powered rather than hydraulic, allowing for infinitely fine control throughout the entire dump cycle. This method also means the product can be quickly lifted, then slowed for the actual dump portion of the cycle, thus protecting produce.

All these features are wrapped into a unit that can easily handle 5,000-pound dumps, tip to 150 degrees and cycle in one minute.


Tomra Sorting Solutions

(916) 388-3900 

Field Potato Sorter

TOMRA's FPS is a robust sensor-based, high-capacity potato sorter for use in the separation of most foreign material from unwashed potatoes and other root crops.

The FPS has proven itself invaluable in heavy ground conditions, where its unique vision system accurately separates dirt clods, rocks, wood, bone, plastic, glass, metal, rubber and more. With labor often difficult to find, typical labor savings using FPS can be in the area of 80 percent, with satisfied customers reporting high unloading speeds even in the most challenging conditions.



The Halo is a high-performance, sensor-based optical food sorting solution that sorts potatoes—and many other fruits and vegetables—based on size and quality, thus ensuring and improving food safety.


Titan II

The Titan II is a low-cost machine for grading and sorting based on quality, size and food safety. It uses a top and bottom array of color and near infrared optical sensors to scan the surface of individual items in flight. The color vision sensors analyze for size, shape and color. The near-infrared sensors analyze for defects that are difficult to see with the human eye. The first-grade produce gently passes through the sorting machine, while the second- and third-grade are directed into individual streams by intelligent finger ejectors.



The Genius optical belt sorter uses a combination of various sorting technologies to meet even the highest food safety requirements. It removes all unwanted discolorations and foreign material from potatoes and is good for use in applications that process french fries, chips, potato slices, dices and wedges. Daily operation, quality control and feedback are made possible through the Genius’s touchscreen with an intuitive graphical user interface.