Bio Huma Netics Company Welcomes Four New Hires

Published in the August 2014 Issue Published online: Aug 09, 2014
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"Rita Abi-Ghanem
"Johann Buck
"Scott Jackson
"Amanda Boyd

Bio Huma Netics, Inc. (BHN) welcomes new employees Rita Abi-Ghanem, Ph.D., as associate director of research; Johann Buck, Ph.D., as business development and regional sales manager; Scott Jackson as marketing director; and Amanda Boyd as receptionist. Each new employee brings a set of skills that contributes to BHN’s success as a continually growing company.

Rita Abi-Ghanem comes to BHN with a Ph.D. in soil sciences, a master’s in plant protection, and a bachelor’s in agricultural engineering.

As principal trainer for Washington State University, she educated Iraqi scientists in agricultural methods and soil ecology through sessions held in Egypt, Syria and Jordan. As the associate director of research, Abi-Ghanem will help BHN obtain more research trials on BHN’s products, and expand the company’s knowledge of the potential of BHN products with Micro Carbon Technology.

Johann Buck comes to BHN with master’s and  doctorate degrees in plant science and a bachelor’s in agronomy.

Buck has specialized in controlled environment agriculture, greenhouse and nursery crop production, hydroponic systems and plant measurement technology. As the Huma Gro business development and regional sales manager, Buck will help BHN with domestic sales and business growth.

Scott Jackson brings over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing to BHN.

He has a track record of exceeding sales goals, and is experienced in planning, administration and analysis of market research projects. As the marketing director, Jackson will help BHN with marketing efforts and finding distributor leads.

BHN’s new receptionist, Amand Boyd, brings a variety of communication and organizational skills to BHN. Boyd will help greet BHN’s visitors and answer calls with her excellent interpersonal communication skills and customer service, as well as helping with administrative tasks and projects.