Syngenta Develops New Formulation

Published online: Jun 12, 2003
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Thanks to the company's development of a new technology called the Pepite Process, Syngenta Crop Protection will begin marketing this year a dry formulation of the fungicide Quadris.

With this major break-through in crop-protection chemistry, growers can take advantage of the new easier-to-use Amistar. The azoxystrobin has received approval from the EPA for the control of foliar and soil-borne diseases in potatoes and other vegetables.

"Syngenta has also added other grower-friendly conveniences to its newest product, such as low-use rates, easy pouring, dust-free formulation and simple cleanup," said Jim Frank, technical brand manager.

The Pepite Process creates tiny fungicide particles in a wettable granule formulation. This results in the rapid, thorough coverage of a liquid fungicide combined with the convenience of a dry product.

The small particle size also enhances transport into the tissue of plants, allowing the product's active ingredient to quickly begin moving systemically to protect the crop.

Amistar will come in two packaging options-a case of two, 7.5-pound jugs and a case with six 20-ounce bottles. Amistar is also compatible with a variety of tank-mix partners and fertilizer carriers.

"One 7.5-pound jug will treat up to 60 acres, nearly three times that of previous azoxystrobin formulations," Frank continued. It controls early and late blight, powdery mildew, and black dot.