February 2013


Volume 42 Issue 2



10 Calendar

14 Around the Vine

18 New Products

70 Final Pass



22 Here Comes the Boom

Irrigation Accessories' Boombacks save water


26 Two States, One Operation

Aaron Troyer of Fort MyersFla.


Diggin' In

30 Improving Yield, Quality and Efficiency

Remote monitoring of pivot irrigation


34 Powdery Scab and Early Blight

Combating diseases affecting the Intermountain West


38 (Not) Going Pink

Effect of irrigation frequency on pink rot


42 Fishy Soil

Productive soils resulting in high yields and quality


44 The Best Way to Sell a Lot of Potatoes

Breaking the recipe rut


46 Syngenta Announces Scholarship Winner

$5,000 scholarship awarded to Alana Peters of ProsserWash.


48 Buyer's Guide-Irrigation Products


61 Special Seed Section



8 From the Field

64 Idaho Potato Commission

66 University of Idaho

68 United Potato Growers of America

69 United States Potato Board