University of Minnesota’s New Produce Progeny: MonDak Gold

Published online: Mar 15, 2014 Seed Potatoes Mark Reilly
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A new graduate of the University of Minnesota’s agricultural researchers is eyeing the retail market this year. And it’s got a lot of eyes.

Agricultural industry journal The Packer reports on the early prospects for the MonDak Gold, a potato developed by Christian Thill of the U of M's Department of Horticultural Science and in its first year of commercial production. Potato consultants said the first samples of the new potato—bred to store longer than Yukon Gold varieties and have fewer internal defect—should begin popping up this year. If its debut goes well, growers will be able to boost production in 2015.

University researchers are continually trying out new varieties of produce, seeking to improve taste, disease resistance or shelf life. The U of M, for example, had a solid hit a few decades back when it developed the Honeycrisp apple from crossing Honeygold and Macoun varieties.


Source: Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal