U.S. Potato Board Focuses on Mature Markets Relationships

Published online: Mar 10, 2014 Seed Potatoes KayDee Gilkey
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While one of the United States Potato Board’s priorities is opening up new markets to U.S. potatoes, it also realizes the importance of attending to mature markets as well.

Honduras is one such market. After a main importer there passed away, U.S. seed potato exports shipments were greatly diminished. So last fall USPB consultant Saul Mercado and two U.S. potato growers traveled to the Central American country to re-establish relationships.

 “The main reason for the trip was for the government and the local producers consider U.S. seed potatoes again in their program,” said Mercado. “We did that very successfully. Everyone was very friendly and open. So that was again a main objective. The other was to meet with potato growers in two big potato-growing areas of the country and kind of re-establish the communication with them and relationship with them and learn about their needs—what kind of variety they are looking for. That was very productive as well.”


Source: AgInfo.net