Weed Scientist: ‘If It’s Working, Change It’

Growers should switch to new herbicide chemistries even if old ones are currently working.

Published online: May 12, 2017 Herbicide
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It might seem like an odd recommendation to make—to change something if it’s working.

But that’s what Bob Scott, extension weed scientist with the University of Arkansas, said during a presentation at Pigposium 3, held at East Arkansas Community College in Forrest City, Ark. Scott was referring to avoiding the selection pressure that can result from using the same herbicide as the last application in a specific field.

He said that’s the kind of forward thinking growers need to be employing to preserve the any new chemistries or traits they may get in the years ahead and that growers need to treat the new traits as if they were herbicide chemistries as far as trying to preserve them.

Scott also called on herbicide manufacturers to help growers “do the right thing” economically when it comes to not overusing the currently available herbicide tools.


Source: Delta Farm Press