New Product: SipcamRotam ReTurn

New pesticide aims to fill gap in controlling key pests

Published online: May 11, 2017 Insecticide, New Products
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SipcamRotam announces the launch of ReTurn, a new broad-spectrum oxamyl-based crop protection product formulated to control various sucking and chewing insects and nematodes in vegetables, fruits and other crops. The company expects to have the product ready to ship by early spring. ReTurn is labeled by the EPA as an insecticide/nematicide for systemic control of numerous above-ground and below-ground pests. ReTurn can be applied pre-plant, at planting, and in-season with applications made by ground, air or chemigation equipment. (Refer to the label for specific crop and application directions.)

ReTurn suppresses various nematode species that threaten crops’ yield and quality. Nematode damage causes an estimated $8 billion a year in global farm gate loss. For the past two growing seasons, the U.S. market has experienced a shortage of oxamyl products, leaving growers without adequate tools to manage nematode infestations. SipcamRotam worked closely with the EPA to facilitate fast-tracking the registration of ReTurn to support growers as they face increasing crop protection challenges.

“We were eager to answer our customer requests to fulfill the need for an oxamyl product in the market,” says Tom Chavez, vice president of global marketing and business communications at Rotam Agrochemical. “For the last two years, there just hasn’t been a good solution out there for distributors or growers to suppress nematodes. We’ve worked very hard to secure product supply and appreciate the EPA’s ability to fast-track the registration in time for the 2017 spring growing season.”

ReTurn will be added to the family of SipcamRotam insecticides for the crop protection market, which includes Abacus, Abacus V, Montana 2F, Montana 4F, Nudrin LV, Nudrin SP, Obelisk and Zyrate.

ReTurn has not yet been approved for use on potatoes, but SipcamRotam is working diligently to support potato growers and their challenges with nematodes.

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