New Product: SureFire Marksman Pumps

Published online: Apr 18, 2017 Fertilizer, Irrigation, New Products
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All Marksman models utilize an electromagnetic flow meter to measure flow rate of fertilizer or water/chemical mixture. Electromagnetic meters have no moving parts to lodge, stick or wear. They precisely measure any electrically conductive liquid. Operators can set the desired flow rate (GPH) for their applications, and Marksman will control the pump output to achieve the desired rate for the entire application. Changes in product viscosity due to different variables that change flow rate through traditional metering pumps are a thing of the past.

Marksman pumps will automatically shut down if a tank runs dry or the strainer plugs up and Marksman cannot achieve the desired flow rate, or if injection pressure drops below the minimum or maximum pressure set point. Marksman changes the chemical or fertilizer flow rate in response to changes in water flow such as corner swing-arm systems, ensuring the correct rate is applied regardless of the swing arm position.

Marksman keeps a complete record of every application. Every 10 minutes, it logs an entry that includes field number, date, time, flow rate set point, actual flow rate, pressure and batch total. The operator will know when, where and how much of what product was applied.

Regulatory and supply chain reporting provides the necessary information for regulatory reporting. It also provides a record that can be used throughout a supply chain that wants to know more details of exactly how a product was grown, especially on fruits, vegetables and specialty crops. The log file is an Excel file that is downloaded directly from the Marksman via USB drive or directly from the cloud when equipped with remote connectivity.

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