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Published online: Feb 02, 2017 Irrigation, New Products
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No matter where you’re growing potatoes, you’ve got to get water to them. Literally, no matter what else you may do to get a crop to market, you simply can’t grow this wonderful, tuberous vegetable without first figuring out a way to get water to the field. With so much research and information concerning how best to apply agriculture’s lifeblood to crops, irrigation companies are always improving methods. In the following pages, you’ll find several products to do just that.


Irrigation Accessories Co. (IACO)

(360) 896-9440


Double Hose Boom

PIC: Double Hose Boom

The double hose boom has all the features of IACO’s hose boom and then some. For growers whose machine doesn’t have the new closer spacing, the double hose boom is a great solution. Growers can use existing outlets and split the flow rate to two separate Boombacks, lowering instantaneous application rate and intensity. Hose booms come with the hose already installed, making for easy installation, and have a full 30-foot spread between the two sprinklers. Individual parts kits are available for each outlet.


Big Gun Pod

PIC: Big Gun Quad pod final shot-3

With the introduction of the 1000 Series valve, TWIG wireless control system and Big Gun stand, traditional handline systems can be. Water application can be automated in various environments, including irregularly shaped areas such as pivot corners.

Utilization of the Big Gun’s greater throw distances leads to fewer moves of handline pipe. The unit can be moved even while handlines are pressurized. A grower can also run some Big Guns in a field longer than others, depending on particular field conditions. Big Guns can be blended into the end gun pattern of a center pivot to allow pivot.





Irrometer Company

(951) 682-9505


IRROmesh System


Irrometer’s newest remote data collection option is the wireless, solar-powered IRROmesh system. This self-initializing, self-routing, self-healing mesh data-logging system makes use of Watermark sensors connected to radio nodes stationed in the field. Nodes “talk” to one another to report various data that is critical for healthy plant development.

The unique sleep/wake cycling of power ensures continuous reliable transfer of data through all light conditions. Data streams to the web and can be accessed 24/7 with use of any internet-capable device; data can also retrieved manually from the field. Once data is retrieved, it can be graphed and displayed for analysis.


Magnation Water Technologies

(888) 820-0363



PICS: Aquabolt suite, Magnation Water Technologies_blue italic

Magnation’s chemical-free water-softening technology is now paired with static mixing capabilities in the new AquaBolt product. Designed to mitigate extreme salt conditions and transform problematic mineral salts into bio-available nutrients, AquaBolt delivers improved soil moisture retention by up to 250 percent, as well as stronger plant vigor with optimum capillary action, nutrient absorption and better hydration with 20 percent less water.

Magnation’s 10,000 irrigation installations have demonstrated consistent success in dealing with high-salt and high-pH soils, improving disease resistance in soils and plants while improving water and energy efficiency by 20 percent. AquaBolt helps eliminate mineral scale buildup, reduce maintenance and maximize the power of water. It is easy to install and long-lasting.


Pierce Corporation

(541) 998-0300



PIC: Mac_Laptop_Tablet

iControlRemote technology is designed to easily manage irrigation systems remotely without changing existing control panels. This new tool lets growers manage systems from any computer, tablet or mobile phone using a standard web browser.

The iControlRemote is installed inside the last tower box of a center pivot and, using a built-in SIM card which automatically selects the preferred network, connects the pivot to the iControlRemote website.

Using the iControlRemote doesn’t require users to change their existing panel or to add another junction box next to the existing panel. Additionally, it can be used with basic panels or advanced panels whenever the panel includes the Auto Reverse function.

The website allows users to monitor the current stats of their irrigation systems, including current end pressure, speed percentage, angle, end gun, total hours and total hours with water.


Rain Bird



LNK WiFi Module

The LNK WiFi module is a small device that plugs into an accessory port on Rain Bird’s new ESP-Me and ESP-TM2 controllers. Users can also install the module with existing ESP-Me installations after swapping out the controller’s old front panel with the new WiFi-compatible version. This provides users with a straightforward, simple upgrade opportunity that doesn’t require replacing the controller. 

The LNK WiFi module provides complete irrigation system management via a free, downloadable mobile app. The module receives weather information from the internet, automatically adjusting system run times on a daily basis. It also provides users with notifications on their mobile devices that assist with troubleshooting, system diagnostics and operation while providing meaningful weather event alerts. 


Reinke Irrigation

(402) 365-7251



PICS: ReinCloud-dashboard on dashboard_2, ReinCloud_TM_CMYK

ReinCloud by Reinke offers growers a better way to collect and display field and irrigation data for improved irrigation management. Users can manage and monitor irrigation systems, analyze soil moisture data, check the weather and more from a single mobile web application. Through ReinCloud, growers have access to Reinke irrigation system data, as well as data from connected in-field hardware and industry-leading data partners.

ReinCloud collects, stores and analyzes data, then presents it on a user-friendly dashboard. Growers can easily customize individual dashboards and add widgets that are most important to their daily field management and monitoring operations. ReinCloud is accessed through a smartphone, tablet or laptop with internet connectivity.


T-L Irrigation Co.

(800) 330-4264


GPS Navigation Corner System

PIC: TL_CornerSystem_GPS_new sign

T-L Irrigation Co., the exclusive world manufacturer of hydrostatically powered pivot irrigation systems, has been awarded two patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its GPS navigation corner system.

These patents present the unique method of waypoint navigation that T-L has implemented for its GPS navigation corner system. Also included is the addition of a wheel angle sensor, exclusively offered by T-L, for improved track-on-track accuracy. Combined with T-L’s continuous movement, low maintenance and reliability of T-L’s universal hydrostatic design, the GPS navigation corner system represents the optimum in simplicity and pivot corner System performance. Contact T-L Irrigation Co. at 1-800-330-4264, email sales or visit to learn more.


Valley Irrigation

(402) 359.2201


ICON Smart Control Panels


Valley Irrigation introduces its ICON series of smart control panels as an intuitive solution for growers with varying needs in different growing regions. The ICON family is made up of four new panels: the ICON10, ICONX, ICON5 and ICON1. Each comes standard with AgSense technology, which provides interface and access to real-time data from any device. Valley designed the ICON panels with the goal of being able to install on any pivot irrigation system in North America, regardless of equipment age or brand. 

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Rather than a standard touchscreen, the ICON1 features no screen at all; it is accessed via a built-in wi-fi signal to mobile devices. This edge-of-field wi-fi means no cell service or internet is required to operate a pivot without the need to drive to the pivot point.



The ICON10’s 10-inch, full-color touchscreen display shows users real-time status of pivots and crops.



The ICONX can be integrated with any pivot’s control panel—of any brand—providing a more affordable route to introduce advanced technology to existing equipment. The ICONX makes mechanical controls accessible through a five-inch, full-color touchscreen.



The ICON5’s customizable home screen with simple functions provides growers with control of everything from variable-rate irrigation prescriptions to step programs.