IPC Shows 25 Varieties, Characteristics

Published online: May 07, 2014
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The state of Idaho produces over 25 potato varieties, and the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) is proud to promote them all. From the popular Russet Burbank to the delectable Cal Red to exotically named Russian Banana Fingerling, Idaho produces a potato to meet every recipe requirement. For example, the Russet Burbank, with its distinctive, earthy flavor and high solids content, makes the ideal baking potato and is a popular variety for french fries, while many chefs chose the waxy, firm textured Cal Red to boil or steam for potato salad. 

For operators who need help selecting just the right potato for their needs, the IPC has developed an “Our Most Popular Varieties” web page with a link for a downloadable Idaho Potato Varieties poster to take the guesswork out of purchasing. Click on each photo/description to find out more about the variety’s appearance, flavor profile and recommended usage. Or download the printable poster, suitable for display in a prep area or culinary education classroom. 

After purchasing Idaho potatoes, operators can visit foodservice.idahopotato.com to browse the IPC’s comprehensive recipe database, refer to a helpful size guide and Idaho potato preparation tips, and find answers and solutions to operational and culinary FAQs. 


Source: Potato Pro