Colorado Potato Beetle Emerging in Southwestern Idaho

Published online: May 30, 2014 Insecticide
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Overwintering Colorado potato beetle adults are beginning to emerge in southwestern Idaho. The overwintering adult stage does little damage; however, females are beginning to lay eggs in potato fields. Growers could see the damaging larvae appear in the next seven to 10 days, depending on temperatures. This is the time for growers to be scouting for CPB, especially if they plan to use "soft" foliar insecticides that target control of early instar larvae.

To guard against development of insecticide resistance, post-emergence applications of neonicotinoid insecticides should not be used if a neonicotinoid seed treatment or other at-planting neonicotinoid treatment was used. Examples of neonicotinoid seed or at-planting treatments include Admire, Belay, Cruiser, Gaucho, and Platinum. Examples of foliar neonicotinoid sprays include Actara, Assail, Belay, Endigo ZC, Leverage, Provado and Scorpion.

Source: Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network