Neogen Tailgate Test

Published in the April 2014 Issue Published online: Apr 14, 2014 New Products
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Neogen Corporation would like to introduce the Neogen Tailgate Test for plant disease detection. This test allows for immediate disease detection in the field or at the tailgate, empowering growers to be able to make instantaneous management decisions.

Neogen Tailgate Tests are simple and make plant disease detection available where it really matters. These tests require no advanced training and can produce an accurate result in 10 minutes or less. Neogen Tailgate Tests are available for the detection of over 15 important viral, bacterial and fungal plant pathogens. 

Since it was founded in 1982, Neogen has developed a vast array of simple diagnostic tools to help food producers and processors ensure their products are safe and of the highest possible quality. Neogen strives to provide growers with effective, easy-to-use tests that can detect the pathogens that are important to them and their businesses.