Larson Electronics LED Drop Light

Published in the April 2014 Issue Published online: Apr 16, 2014 New Products
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Larson Electronics has announced the release of a new 14-watt LED drop light.

The LED lamp in the FTL-3-LED-25 offers much longer lamp life, cooler operation, higher durability and better light quality than incandescent drop lights. Constructed to be completely weatherproof and impact resistant, this LED drop light sacrifices no light output or quality to obtain these features. The drop light is shock resistant, making it durable enough to withstand drops, falls and rough handling. Equipped with a 50,000-hour LED T8 lamp, this LED drop light is designed to operate at cooler operating temperatures than conventional incandescent and fluorescent lights to reduce the chance of fire and burns.

The FTL-3-LED-25 is equipped with a LEDT8-24-V1 T8 bulb from Larson Electronics, which produces 1,277 lumens of light and requires no ballast to operate. The polycarbonate lens in the bulb diffuses the light and makes this bulb ideal for food-safe environments as there is no glass. The aluminum housing serves as a heat sink and provides rigidity and strength for the LED bulb. The handle and the end of this task light are finished with a polyoxymethylene plastic.

These multi-voltage LED bulbs run directly off any voltage ranging from 110 to 277 volts. It is equipped with 25 feet of cable and provides the operator with plenty of length for moving the light around the work space. This drop light comes standard with a drop hook that allows the operator to conveniently hang the unit overhead anywhere illumination is needed.

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