Celox-P XT Optical Grader

Published in the April 2014 Issue Published online: Apr 16, 2014 New Products
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Ag-Pak introduces its Celox-P XT optical grader and sizer with modular outlets. The machine combines quality grading and sizing accuracy with gentle product handling and tremendous flexibility.

The camera section uses a patented roller-vibrating system that rotates the potatoes as it vibrates them forward, thereby exposing the potato’s entire surface to the cameras for an extended period of time. The XT version uses new, faster cameras with a new tracking system that tracks each potato all the way to the fingers of the outlet system. These features result in exceptional quality grading and sizing accuracy.

In one pass under the camera section, the Celox captures the surface condition and dimensions of each potato and then seamlessly transfers them onto the fingers of its “spinaflex” belts. When the potato is above the desired outlet belt the fingers drop to release the potato onto the correct belt. Therefore with one pass through the camera section and one gentle drop, the machine sorts potatoes by quality, length, diameter, volume or any combination of these as input by the user.

The machine comes with anywhere from three to 13 outlets belts, and with the new design each outlet belt is a separate module. Therefore adding an additional outlet to an existing machine is no problem, which provides tremendous flexibility to the user.