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Published in the March 2014 Issue Published online: Mar 16, 2014
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Satellite-Based Soil Moisture Monitor

The M.K. Hansen Co. announces the introduction of its new AM410S soil moisture monitor that links to the internet via a network of low earth-orbit satellites. Capable of operating anywhere in the U.S. and in most locations around the world, the solar-powered AM410S takes scheduled readings from up to six granular matrix soil moisture sensors and sends the data to a central server on the internet. Using a web browser, the grower can display soil moisture data from any number of AM410S monitors on a tablet, notebook or desktop computer. The data can also be viewed on a smart phone using a dedicated mobile app.

By helping the grower make more informed and more timely irrigation scheduling decisions, the AM410S can improve irrigation efficiency, crop yield and quality. It can also reduce water, pumping and fertilizer costs. The AM410S is competitively priced at $1,700 plus an annual subscription fee of $175.

Contact the M.K. Hansen Co. at (509) 884-1396 or


FPS-8 Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning System

The Dieselcraft FPS-8 is a modular tank cleaning system designed for the transfer and/or re-circulating of diesel fuel in boats, generators and any other diesel vehicles with fuel tanks smaller than 500 gallons.

The Dieselcraft FPS-8 removes over 99 percent of water and large contamination in fuel. The system utilizes an 8.3-gallon-per-minute, continuous-duty gear pump in conjunction with a Dieselcraft Model 200-500 Fuel Stabilizer, a 5-by-16 fuel purifier and a 10-micron, 3.8-inch diameter by 8.5-inch long spin on filters. The filter head will accept water block filters and filters to 1 micron.

The FPS-8 system also includes two 10-foot suction and discharge hoses and a digital flow meter to accurately measure the amount of fuel cleaned and a water/debris alarm to indicate time to drain the purifier.

The FPS-8 comes with 115/230-volt, single-phase one-third-horsepower motor with a standard wall plug connector cable and an on/off switch. The frame is epoxy powder-coated and rolls on semi-pneumatic tires.

Contact Dieselcraft at

TOMRA Field Potato Sorter, Genius Optical Belt Sorter

TOMRA introduces its Field Potato Sorter (FPS) and Genius optical belt sorter.

The FPS is the industry’s first successful high-throughput optical sorting solution for unwashed potatoes. It enables growers, processors and packers to lower labor and storage costs significantly while raising product quality and yield. Utilizing unique, patent-pending biometric signature identification (BSI) technology, the FPS provides a multi-spectral representation of the visible and near infrared spectral zones, which allows it to analyze and identify organic characteristics and compositions of all objects. It can therefore distinguish dirt clods, stones, other foreign material and rot from potatoes, even those with substantial soil covering. 

The machine can be used for the sorting of different varieties and sizes of unwashed potatoes. Processors can use measurements the FPS makes and records, with predictive analysis, to optimize procedures within their operations.

The modular and upgradeable Genius system uses a combination of sorting technologies to satisfy the food industry’s demanding requirements, including those of individual processors. It ensures safe and excellent quality output by removing items with unwanted discolorations and foreign material, for example.

Offering high capacity and low maintenance, plus long-life accuracy, the flexible Genius comes with gentle handing assured. The user-friendly system offers quality control and feedback through an intuitive touch screen and provides extremely fast payback on investment. Genius potato applications include french fries, cubes, slices and dices, while the system handles fruits such as cranberries and diced pineapples.

Contact TOMRA Sorting Solutions at


Larson Handheld Spotlight

Leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial grade lighting Larson Electronics has added a high-intensity LED spotlight to their line of products. This ultra-compact LED light produces a 2,750-lumen output with low voltage and amp draw, 50,000-hour service life and 12- to 32-volt compatibility.

The Larson Electronics HUL-LED25WRE LED handheld spotlight is constructed with a single CREE 25-Watt LED combined with a high output reflector to produce a narrow 10-degree spread spot beam approximately 1,000 feet long. This spotlight operates on 12 to 32 volts DC and is shipped with a 16-foot coil cord that ends in a cigarette lighter plug to operate on any vehicle.

This spotlight is built for durability and comfort with an impact-resistant housing, an ergonomically designed five-inch tall polycarbonate handle that matches the contours of your hand and a light head that can be adjusted vertically. The 5.5-inch-diameter lamp and reflector assembly is protected by a polycarbonate lens that is sealed against water and dust to provide an IP68 rating and weatherproof protection.

The HUL-LED25WRE is waterproof to three meters, sealed against intrusion by dust and dirt and very ruggedly constructed to withstand the most demanding environments, conditions and applications. As well as unparalleled heat control, this spotlight’s construction is designed to withstand extreme environmental and operating conditions. These units can withstand rapid temperature changes of -40 to 185 degrees Farenheit.   

Contact Larson Electronics at (800) 369-6671 or


Bobcat M-Series New Instrumentation

A new forward-mount instrumentation system designed for enhanced functionality and improved ergonomics is available for six existing models of Bobcat compact excavators. The new instrumentation system, introduced with the E32, E35, E42, E45, E50 and E55, presents operators with much of the function, aesthetics and visibility they’ve come to enjoy with Bobcat loaders. The new excavator instrumentation technologies can also help owners and fleet managers better understand and evaluate their performance and costs, as well as assist them with identifying opportunities to improve machine and operator efficiencies and protect their investments.

The new deluxe instrumentation panel and control switches have been designed to be more ergonomic for the operator. It presents the buttons in front of the operator rather than to the side, where they previously were. From the operator’s viewpoint, the location of the panel also aligns with the existing cab components and work group structures to maintain visibility to the attachment.

Contact Bobcat Company at


SafeGuard Liquid Blockage Monitor 

SafeGuard is an electronic liquid blockage monitoring system that instantly detects liquid blockages and alerts the operator with an audible alarm and visual display of the blocked row’s number. SafeGuard brings real-time blockage monitoring into the cab. Individual sensors monitor each row and are mounted to suit the needs of the operator as the rows are being monitored, without the need to be seen.

Traditional visual ball monitors are difficult to see because they are typically mounted behind the operator. This makes them hard to see at night or in dusty conditions, and they cannot be seen when using cloudy or dark liquids. The agricultural industry has determined that row blockage monitor systems are a requirement for starter fertilizer and fumigant applications, and the operator must be able to monitor that there is liquid flow to each row to achieve the top return. SafeGuard provides this instant blockage notification.


Greenleaf Technologies NozzleCalc App

Greenleaf Technologies announces its free NozzleCalc iPhone app available from Apple’s App Store. Chemical labels are recommending specific droplet sizes, which makes it imperative to select nozzles for droplet size and not simply GPA. Greenleaf developed this app with the people who spray in mind. It provides the most convenient resource for ensuring accurate Greenleaf spray nozzle selection so that growers get the correct droplet sizes.

To use the nozzle calculator feature, a grower can simply enter his or her desired speed and application rate along with nozzle spacing. NozzleCalc will recommend several options of TurboDrop, AirMix and TurboDrop DualFan nozzles in various sizes. From there, one can simply choose the nozzle which matches the required droplet size and spray with confidence.

NozzleCalc also includes information about other Greenleaf Technologies products as well as a speed-dial button for calling directly to Greenleaf Technologies’ main office.