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Published in the March 2014 Issue Published online: Mar 16, 2014
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Marrone Bio Innovations


Regalia biofungicide can be an important tool in your battle against early blight, late blight, white mold and Rhizoctonia. Used in-furrow to control Rhizoctonia, it has shown to increase yield by up to 24 percent. Its broad-spectrum activity strengthens a foliar spray program whether used alone in rotation or tank-mixed with conventional fungicides.

Regalia has a unique mode of action that reduces development of fungicide resistance and can extend the useful life of high resistant-risk fungicides. In addition, Regalia gives growers flexibility in their production schedule with a four-hour REI, zero-day PHI and an exemption from MRL regulations.

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Moncut 70, Gavel 75

Moncut 70-DF is a flexible and efficacious systemic fungicide that provides effective disease management in potatoes while preventing early infection of developing root systems. It is an excellent fit in resistance management programs. Moncut from Gowan is formulated to help growers see growth in harvest yield, grade and tuber quality.

Gavel 75 DF contains both zoxamide and mancozeb, each with a different mode of action. Gavel is a contact fungicide that binds strongly to the leaf waxy cuticle for superior rainfastness. Gavel also utilizes vapor action, which helps distribute Gavel’s protective action over a wider leaf and stem area. With two active ingredients providing multi-site activity, superior rainfastness and vapor action, Gowan’s Gavel offers highly effective and long residual control of key diseases such as late blight and downy mildew.

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Arysta LifeScience


Arysta LifeScience developed Evito fungicide to take the power of strobilurin chemistry to the next level. Highly systemic Evito offers quick uptake, long-lasting disease control, root uptake and residual soil activity for unsurpassed disease control, including control of both early and late blight.

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JH Biotech


Fosphite is a reduced-risk fungicide for use on potatoes. Fosphite’s active ingredient is phosphorus acid, which is toxic to tovarious fungi like phytophthora, pythium and downey mildew. When used in accordance with the label, Fosphite can offer superior protection against these diseases while remaining safe to applicators and the environment.

Benefits also include excellent control of pink rot and late blight. Fosphite’s low application rate translates into lower cost, it’s registered as a “Reduced Risk Pesticide” by the EPA yet is very efficient in killing fungi and non-phytotoxic. It also works as a foliar- and soil-applied fungicide.

Additional benefits include the ability of phosphate ions to help promote proactive immune systems in potato plants. Fosphite kills the disease on contact and helps boost the plant’s natural defenses against further infection. Do not use Fosphite in conjunction with copper products.

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FMC Corporation

Ranman, Rovral

Ranman fungicide, a member of the FRAC 21 group, is a unique mode-of-action fungicide that provides excellent control of pink rot, late blight, pythium and downy mildew. It also serves as a resistance management partner.

Rovral fungicide stops fungi at several phases of development, including spore germination, mycelia growth and spore production. It provides defense against brown rot blossom blight and white mold. Rovral is the only fungicide in the FRAC 2 group.

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MANA, Inc.


MasterCop fungicide/bactericide delivers superior bioactivity for the control of bacterial and fungal diseases. MasterCop’s proprietary clear liquid formulation penetrates the plant cuticle to improve performance per pound of active ingredient. This novel uptake system also enhances retention and residual activity while providing superior safety to the crop.

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ChampION++, Phostrol, Ultra Flourish, Spirato, Agri Tin, T-Methyl

Nufarm announces the launch of ChampION++, a fungicide/bactericide that controls key fungal and other diseases in a wide range of high-value crops such as potatoes. ChampION++ is a new dry formulation of copper that features consistently smaller particles and other unique formulation attributes to provide more thorough coverage—and thus better disease control—with less environmental loading.

The active part of the molecule works by attacking the bacteria or fungi where it disrupts enzyme processes. Because copper is not systemic and doesn’t redistribute after application, complete coverage of the leaf surface is essential for good disease control. The smaller particle size that ChampION++ provides means more complete coverage, which results in more copper ions available to be absorbed into the plant tissue. This improved absorption, in turn, provides more effective disease control.

ChampION++ has the smallest average particle size of any dry copper formulation The average particle size of the ChampION++ product is approximately three to four times smaller than the average particle size of competitive products. The smaller particle size has another important benefit: it means that producers can apply a significantly lower rate of copper but still get effective disease control.

Phostrol is an important tool for managing key field and storage diseases of potatoes. If Phostrol is included in a foliar fungicide program, the harvested potatoes will be protected against infections from late blight and pink rot. Phostrol combined with chlorothalonil will protect vines from late blight as well. Extensive research has established Phostrol as the benchmark product for post-harvest control of late blight and pink rot. A post-harvest application also provides control of silver scurf.

Phostrol is a unique blend of sodium, potassium and ammonium phosphites. The pH neutral formulation mixes easily with other products. Phostrol controls diseases in two ways. It has direct activity on the disease organisms and will significantly reduce spore production. In addition, plant immune mechanisms are stimulated to produce substances that protect against disease infection. This complex mode of action makes Phostrol an outstanding component of fungicide programs targeted at managing disease resistance.

The active ingredient in Ultra Flourish, mefenoxam, moves into the plant from soil or foliar applications. Its systemic mode of action prevents spore production, inhibits mycelial growth of the disease and improves crop health and vigor. Ultra Flourish actively controls Pythium spp. and Phytophthora erythroseptica. It can be applied in combination with liquid fertilizers or saturated into dry fertilizers.

Spirato 480 FS seed piece treatment is the latest addition to Nufarm’s full line of potato products. It contains a proven active ingredient, fludioxonil, to prevent early-season damage from decay, damping-off and seedling blight caused by seed-borne and soil-borne fungi. Spirato offers the same protection from fungal infections as the leading brand, but delivers a value only Nufarm can.

Agri Tin provides proven performance against early blight and late blight. It is an important component of fungicide disease resistance programs designed to manage a broad spectrum of diseases by rotating products with different modes of action. Including Agri Tin in the fungicide program will have an added benefit in providing suppression of Colorado potato beetle populations. Agri Tin is available in 4 lb/gal flowable or 80 percent wettable powder formulations of triphenyltin hydroxide.

T-Methyl 4.5 F and T-Methyl 70 WSB contain thiophanate-methyl, which is especially effective at controlling white mold on potatoes, edible beans, canola and soybeans. Thiophanate-methyl will provide systemic curative control of existing disease and effectively protects new growth from subsequent infections.

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When battling late blight, potato growers can count on an early-season application of Ariston to destroy the existing undetected infection within the potato plant while simultaneously preventing the spread of spores. Ariston combines chlorothalonil’s unique resistance management benefits with cymoaxanil’s excellent preventative and curative activity, resulting in full-season, multi-level protection. 

The multi-level protection begins with Ariston’s natural affinity to stick to plant surfaces and extends to its ability to penetrate leaves to fight late blight from within. Superior sporulation control reduces future cycles of the disease. Ariston is a product of SipcamAdvan and manufactured for and distributed by Tenkoz, Inc.

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United Phosphorus, Inc.


UPI introduces its new Elixir fungicide. Blight is one of the most damaging diseases that can afflict a potato crop, and now growers have a new choice in disease protection. Elixir is a multi-site, protectant fungicide that was created exclusively for potatoes. When applied at the start of a disease management program, Elixir effectively controls both early- and late-season blight. The dry flowable formulation of Elixir can be applied up to 10 times per season, using one easy use rate per acre. To keep their crop healthy, growers can choose new, economical Elixir fungicide. Elixir will be available on a limited-state basis in 2014.

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Strike is one of the most effective soil fumigants used to manage soil-borne fungal pathogens in potatoes. Through proper use, this pre-plant soil treatment is an important component of a successful pest management system. It can be applied alone or in combination with other fumigants via shank injection or as an emulsified concentrate through drip irrigation systems.

Studies show that fumigation with Chloropicrin-based products such as Strike generally increase crop health, marketable yield, and crop quality.

Strike grows a cleaner, greener, improved crop. In some instances it has reduced the amount of post-plant fertilizers and pesticides applied. Strike works to increase irrigation efficiency, as roots grown in treated soil are better developed and therefore more extensive. All of these factors have a significant influence on tuber production, and using

Strike on potatoes has shown by targeting common scab and controlling verticillium wilt it will improve tuber quality and increase marketable yield.

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BioSafe Systems, LLC

StorOx 2.0

BioSafe Systems’ StorOx 2.0 is an ideal bactericide/fungicide for potato growers. It is fully labeled for post-harvest treatments including bin piler applications, injection into storage humidification and fogging systems to treat potatoes in storage. StorOx 2.0 is a versatile post-harvest tool that extends shelf life and reduces spoilage of stored crops. A chlorine alternative, StorOx 2.0 leaves no residues. Use StorOx 2.0 in all packing shed and post-harvest applications to kill bacteria, fungi and their spores, which cause premature decay.

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Jet Harveset Solutions


Bio-Save, a biological fungicide that has been in the potato market for 12 years, uses competitive inhibition to control the spread of fusarium dry rot and silver scurf diseases in storage and is applied as a spray mist onto the piler going into storage.

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Bayer CropScience

Serenade Soil, Luna Tranquility, Emesto Silver

Serenade Soil fortifies plants from the beginning by controlling fungal and bacterial soil diseases, strengthening roots and encouraging better nutrient uptake for healthier crops. At planting, Serenade Soil protects young plants by quickly building a disease protection zone around the roots. Serenade Soil delivers a broad-spectrum of soil disease control for both fungal and bacterial diseases, including Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium and Phytophthora, from a single, at-plant application.

Luna Tranquility fungicide contains a new class of chemistry that provides a unique systemic solution for the most problematic fungal diseases in potatoes, including early blight, white mold, black dot and Botrytis. Luna Tranquility utilizes two active ingredients, reducing the chance of pathogens developing resistance. It is an effective option for resistance management spray programs and is chemigation-ready.

Emesto Silver is a liquid fungicide potato seed-piece treatment with two modes of action to manage important seed-borne diseases. Emesto Silver features two modes of action with two chemistries new to potatoes, penflufen and prothioconazole, for built-in resistance management. Emesto Silver provides superior management of seed-borne Rhizoctonia, excellent Fusarium tuber rot control, and protection against Helminthosporium.

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