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Published in the August 2013 Issue Published online: Aug 04, 2013
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Spudnik Equipment Company, LLC, in Blackfoot, Idaho, has been supplying the industry with quality bulk beds for over 35 years. The model 4200 Bulk bed is available in a 30-inch wide discharge belt in lengths from 20 to 26 feet. The bed has a full-length, hydraulically operated side door to allow for easy loading in the field. A hydraulic end door is used to meter the flow of product out of the bed. An optional electrical control is available to unload the bed in manual or auto mode. In auto mode, the unloading speed is optimized with the torque required to unload the bed, resulting in a faster total unloading time.

In 2013, a newly designed bed, model 4400, is in limited production, offering the same features as the 4200 with a new look and the ability to be broken down for shipment around the country and across the world. The bed is available with a straight or tip down discharge and is standard with LED clearance lights. The smooth side bed will be available in full production in 2014.


Logan Load-Pro Truck Bed

Over the past few years, the Logan Load-Pro truck bed has become the most popular bed on the market. A few features that have made the Logan bed so sought after are 1) Ratchet Jacks on all four corners of the bed for easy belt adjustment; 2) Bolt-in cross members in the frame rails allow the bed to flex, which prevents cracking. Formed ribs, side tubing and heavy-duty sheeting make for a strong and durable bed to last for many years; 3) 35 percent more carrier rollers for improved load-carrying capacity and the size allow them to turn easier; 4) Hydraulic system breaks the load and lower pressures and has the fasted unload speed in the industry.

New this year: The urethane paint has a longer-lasting shine, with a good primer, giving customers a much better protection in the toughest conditions. LED Lights are also for the toughest conditions, and improved Solid Frail Rails run the full length of the bed. Door latches have been improved to keep operation in all conditions-contained in the up and down motion of the hook. The rod is attached and has a positive and smooth action.

Trinity Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.

Trinity Trailer Manufacturing of Boise, Idaho, introduces a new generation of light-weight Eagle Bridge Stainless Steel potato beds. The beds are available in 20-foot through 30-foot lengths, with 25- or 31-inch belt widths to handle potatoes, beets or grains. The bed is also available in carbon steel.

The new generation features the Trinity Trailer chain and flap-unload system that has made Trinity's trailers so popular. This unload system greatly reduces belt slippage in muddy or sloppy conditions and unloads with minimal bruising. The new gear pump and 7.5-hp electric motor generates extremely fast unload speeds (also available with PTO). The new side door has eliminated latches, allowing the doors to open and shut smoothly without jamming. The inside shelf of the side door has been eliminated so there is no place for debris to collect, causing the door not to close. Trinity's high-capacity beds are also remarkably light. Twenty-foot beds, depending on how they are equipped, will typically weigh less than 4,500 lbs.

Crysteel Tipper E-Series

The 2-4 yard Tipper E-Series from Crysteel Manufacturing is designed for landscape contractors that want both style and strength, in an easy-to-order value package. The Tipper E-Series is available in an economical base model, but custom option packages can be added to create the most versatile body for the contractor's needs. Crysteel Mfg. offers a comprehensive, five-year warranty on all dump bodies and hoists.

Holst Truck Parts

(800) 769-5688

Holst Truck Parts can supply customers with all their tractor and truck needs, whether it be engines, transmissions, differentials, turbos or suspensions.

They supply new tractor and truck radiators, charge air coolers and AC condensers in stock, as well as new ATR high-low auxiliary field transmissions in stock and ready to ship. Off-road and field-ready suspensions are in stock and ready to install.

At Holst Truck Parts, they can get you up and digging in no time. Slow, fast and anything in between-they have the right gears to get you going. Installation service available.

STC Trailers

STC Trailers introduced its newly designed and engineered Bulk Bed for the 2013 growing season. The unique nature of this bulk bed stems from its side door, for potato growers. This never-before-designed side door functions with no hinges or latches. The door slides down inside the bed and raises vertically into its closed position.

Harvesters can load the bed to overflowing with the door in its lowered position. When the crop is close to spilling over the edge of the open door, the truck operator simply activates a toggle switch inside the cab. The door, lined with HMW Plastic, simply "slip sheets" out from under the load and raises vertically into its closed position. Once the door is closed, the load builds against the back side, pushing and sealing the door even tighter. Once the bed is fully loaded, the door cannot be opened, accidentally or otherwise.

The STC Bulk Bed incorporates the same Tail Gate design used on its Diamond Class Trailers. By using a belted chain instead of belts and rollers, the operator will never have to deal with overloaded or muddy, slipper conditions, when unloading the bed. STC uses the same gear box and hydraulics on their 10-wheeler beds as they do a 53-foot, four-axle trailer. This feature coupled with its stainless steel structure means this bed will be in the field long after the competition has retired. Simply put, these beds are built to last!

All beds come with the full swing barn door found on most of STC's Diamond Class Trailers. If a grower needs to load or unload the bed of high-volume payloads, like mulch or silage, simply open the entire rear of the bed and watch the bed unload its contents in less then two minutes.

Double L 900 Series Truck Bed

The Double L 900 Series Truck Bed is a multi-purpose, self-unloading truck bed that meets all your harvest and handling needs. Our load-sensing dual-drive belt system can keep pace with the competition under any load. Whether it is hauling potatoes, sugar beets, grain or onions out of the field, the Double L truck bed will deliver with dependability and durability.

Have you ever seen a truck bed unload fertilizer? Probably not. Fertilizer would quickly eat through the metal. However, with the Double L stainless steel self-unloading truck bed, you can unload practically anything in a matter of minutes. It is the only true multipurpose truck bed on the market.