Potato Potassium Uptake Calculator

Published in the August 2013 Issue Published online: Aug 29, 2013
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Great Salt Lakes Minerals, a division of Compass Minerals, launches a powerful mobile tool designed to help potato growers and crop consultants make more accurate soil nutrient decisions and maximize yield potential.

The Potato Potassium Uptake Calculator is now available at www.textbookpotatoes.com or is available for download to an iPad device via the Apple App Store for iPad. Those who wish to download the application to an iPad can visit the Apple App Store. The app is not optimized for the iPhone, because the required data input is not for the small screen.

Numerous university studies have documented the benefits of proper potassium fertilization in potato production. Potassium availability influences the tuber size and yield, in addition to a number of tuber quality factors such as specific gravity, blackspot bruise susceptibility, chip and fry color and storage quality. Potassium deficiencies decrease photosynthesis, reducing dry matter and starch formation.

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