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Published in the August 2013 Issue Published online: Aug 29, 2013
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Pentair 5059 Series SHURFLO  Diaphragm Pump

NEW BRIGHTON, Minn.-Pentair is introducing the innovative new 5059 Series SHURFLO Diaphragm Pump. Designed for spraying and pumping herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers and hard-to-handle fluids, this highly durable series of automatic-demand pumps features a field-proven head design that delivers flow rates up to five gallons per minute (GPM) with pressures up to 60 PSI and a maximum draw of 17 amps. Driven by a 12-volt, continuous-duty, sealed motor, the new 5059 Series offers powerful, long-lasting performance for a wide range of applications.

To ensure maximum longevity and resilience, the 5059 Series is designed with a Santoprene diaphragm and Viton valves for chemical resistance and maximum lifespan. The new pumps, which can be run dry without damage, also feature a built-in pressure switch, set at 60 PSI, to protect the unit in the event of dead-heading. When operating at a pressure of 40 PSI, SHURFLO's new 5059 units deliver 3.8 GPM with current draw of 13 amps.



WeighPack Systems Breezy Bagger

WeighPack Systems Inc. introduces the Breezy Bagger. This new machine has no comparison to anything on the market to date. The Breezy Bagger is a compact machine designed and built with a tilting function that allows users to pack, wrap and bag many types of products both vertically and horizontally. Designed specifically to package all types of shaped products into either a laminated or polyethylene material, this new bagger is easy to use, is very flexible and extremely versatile.

The Breezy Bagger offers many technological benefits. The unique pivoting function allows the machine to tilt from a horizontal position to almost vertical. The product being wrapped or bagged can be hand-loaded or fed automatically with many types of ancillary machines and methods. The bag width and length are fully adjustable with no change parts and no forming shoulder and tube. The hand crank adjustment for pack width can adjust from two to almost 12 inches. The bag length can vary from two to 36 inches long.



Raven Industries Viper 4 Field Computer

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Raven Industries, introduced new advances in precision agriculture technology including the highly anticipated summer release of its new Viper 4 field computer as well as other ag technology during the 11th Annual Raven Innovation Summit held June 4-5.

The Viper 4 field computer features a 12.1-inch responsive touchscreen and sleek design with a ruggedized magnesium casing. A customizable user interface utilizing new Raven Operating Software allows users to set up machine profiles, user profiles and grower-farm-field information, expediting job start-up and streamlining information management functionality.



Kubota Grand L60 Series

TORRANCE, Calif.-Kubota Tractor Corporation announces the addition of the new Grand L60 Series to its lineup. Available now at dealerships nationwide, the new series includes six models, including the L3560, L4060, L4760, L5060, L5460 and the L6060 flagship tractor.

The Kubota Grand L60 Series is equipped with highly advanced, yet user-friendly, computer controls. Additionally, the eye-catching series offers enhanced style and operator comfort with a deluxe Grand Cab and a sharply styled, one-piece hood. Clean engine emissions, favorable fuel economy and uncompromising power further define the Grand L60 models as a best-in-class tractor series.

The interior of the Kubota Grand L60 cab model offers spaciousness and deluxe features, including a wider cab with 20 percent more space than previous models, extensive glass windows to minimize blind spots and increased leg and head room. Also, wider opening doors allow for easy entry and exit, and an ergonomically designed suspension seat, abundant storage compartments and an air conditioner/heater make operation comfortable and more productive than ever.



Trelleborg R1W Row Crop Tire

Trelleborg has introduced a new size, the TM600 380/80R38 142A8 (142B) R1W row crop tire. The special design of the tire lug surface area minimizes the contact pressure in the center of the tread. This ensures uniform footprint pressure and good tire flotation while reducing compaction and providing high traction capability in all soil conditions.

"With the addition of the 380/80R38 TM600 to the Trelleborg product portfolio we are meeting the demands of our OEM and Replacement partners," says Andrea Masella, Marketing Manager for Trelleborg North America, Agricultural and Forestry tires.

The Trelleborg TM600 tire line is now available in 30 sizes from 20-to-54 inches. The TM600 is designed to maximize the productivity of modern farming operations.



Reinke Ontrac Cell

DESHLER, Neb.-Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mechanized irrigation systems, is adding Ontrac Cell to its line of remote management products. Reinke Ontrac Cell now joins Ontrac Radio, Ontrac Satellite and Ontrac Satellite Plus, working to provide growers with 24/7 real time monitor and control of their irrigation operation. The full product line is designed to readily integrate into Reinke and non-Reinke machines alike.

Ontrac Cell gives growers 24/7 access to check their irrigation status through the use of a cell phone, smartphone, tablet device, laptop or desktop computer.


Worksaver SitePro Compact Tool Carrier

SitePro, from Worksaver, Inc., introduces new pallet forks designed for Mini Skid Steers/Compact Tool Carriers to increase productivity. Two models are available, with both models featuring universal mini mount type. Model MPF-900 features forks that are 1-in x 3-in x 31.5-in, mounted on a frame that is 30.5 inches wide with a rated capacity of 900 lbs. The rail-style Model MPF-2000 is rated at 2,000 lbs. and utilizes Class I tines of 1.18-in x 3-in x 42-in on a 33.25-in wide frame.



Laforge GreenLink

Laforge continues the commitment to meeting the diversified needs of customers for front 3-point hitch technology. The GreenLink line of hitches for John Deere tractors is now expanded with the introduction of the powerful HD6/9R PowerFold for the 9R-Series articulated 4WD tractors with up to 560-hp.

With 14,100-lb lift capacity and the heavy-duty premium design criteria, this system is ready to handle any application on the front of these large horsepower tractors, from tanks and cultivators, to rippers and dozer blades without impairing ground clearance or maneuverability.

The exclusive and patented PowerFold system, allowing the operator to fold and unfold the hitch from the cab is standard.



Worksaver ETG Grapple Rake

LITCHFIELD, Ill.-Worksaver, Inc. offers the ETG-26 Dual Tine Grapple Rake for use on 30-80-hp front loaders or skid steers with the "Universal" attaching system. The ETG-26 features two upper grapples that are 20 inches wide, lower tines are spaced 10 inches apart, overall width is 72 inches. The tine grapple is ideal for, piling, loading brush and handling other materials while leaving dirt behind.

The upper grapple design provides clamping force to hold material securely, featuring greaseable pivot points for long service life and shield plates to protect the hydraulic cylinders. A low profile design offers great forward visibility for superior control in close quarters and easy access to skid steer or loader seat.


John Deere 5E Series Tractor

OLATHE, Kan.-John Deere has updated its entire lineup of 5E Series Utility Tractors (45-100 hp) with new Interim Tier 4 engine models and more cab/open operator station and transmission options. This new 5E Series Tractor line now includes the new 85 and 100-hp, four-cylinder tractors, which replace the previous 83-, 93- and 101-hp models, and four three-cylinder models ranging for 45- to 75-hp.

The new 5085E and 5100E feature Interim Tier 4 emissions-compliant PowerTech diesel engines with the 12 Forward / 12 Reverse PowrReverser Transmission and 540/540 Economy PTO in base equipment. They can be ordered with either a comfortable, ergonomic climate-controlled cab or with an open operator station, an option not previously available on the larger 5E models.

Two of the most popular options many customers have asked for on the 55 to 75 horsepower 3-cylinder 5E tractors are a cab and the 12/12 PowrReverser Transmission. The electrohydraulic PowrReverser Transmission with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears makes back and forth chores like loader and blading work easier. With the PowrReverser Transmission, the operator does not have to clutch or even slow down to go from forward to reverse.