Published online: Aug 05, 2013 Herbicide, Insecticide, Fungicide, Seed Potatoes
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Web Exclusive
ST PAUL, Minn.-The misuse and overuse of pesticides has resulted in various consequences, and pesticide resistance is among the most difficult to address.
To improve resistance management against the Colorado potato beetle and other insect pests, growers, consultants and other pest management practitioners need an improved understanding of insecticide rotations, using different mode-of-action classes.
The latest `Focus on Potato' webcast, titled, "Rotating New Chemistries in Potato Pest Management" offers just that. In this talk, Dr. Russ Groves, Extension Vegetable Entomology Specialist & Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, helps users better understand the need for effective rotation of insecticide chemistries to build adequate and longer-term control of problematic insect pests.
This 30-minute presentation is open access through October 31, 2013.