Published online: Aug 01, 2013 Potato Storage, Potato Harvesting John O'Connell, Capital Press
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Much more acreage is set to expire Sept. 30 from the federal Conservation Reserve Program than was awarded during the recent general signup period, according to the Farm Service Agency.
Nationally, 1.7 million acres were accepted into the program, compared with 3.3 million expiring acres. The 1.6 million-acre reduction will bring total participation in the U.S. CRP program down to 25.4 million acres.
New contracts were awarded for 50,954 Idaho acres, compared with 63,000 scheduled to expire from the program, said Ron Abbott, farm programs chief with Idaho FSA. "We had very few rejections," Abbott said.
Acres will also be down substantially in Washington, where 1,319 offers were accepted for a total of 198,659 acres, but 253,842 acres will expire. Only 27 Washington contracts were rejected. Oregon is the exception, with 337 offers accepted totaling 59,519 acres, compared with 56,477 acres expiring. Just 11 Oregon contracts were rejected.